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Daily healthy cooking with Carbonell Olive oil!

Carbonell Pure

Carbonell pure olive oil is filtered, which gives this olive oil a neutral flavour and fragrance. This olive oil is ideal for heating and is therefore perfect for frying meat, roasting potatoes and (stir) frying vegetables.

Carbonell Extra Light

Carbonell extra light is extra filtered, which means the olive oil can be heated to higher temperatures and has a very mild flavour. This means that the flavour of olive oil does not predominate in your cooking. It is specially recommended for (stir) frying, roasting, wok cooking, barbecuing, grilling & deep-frying. Besides, extra light olive oil is perfect for baking. It gives cakes and cookies a light texture and can be used with confidence instead of butter or other oils. Use the same amount of extra light olive oil as the amount of vegetable oil called for in the recipe and when substituting butter or margarine use a rate of ¾ of olive oil.

Carbonell Extra Virgin

Carbonell extra virgin has a delicious full flavour. It is specially recommended for salads, as a basis for dressings or dips and to add extra flavour to soups or sauces, for example.

How do you choose the right olive oil?

It’s very simple: Carbonell Extra Light and Carbonell Pure are perfect for frying and roasting potatoes, vegetables and meat. You can also use these varieties for wok cooking, grilling, baking, barbecuing and deep-frying. And Carbonell Extra Virgin is the ideal basis for delicious salads, dressings and dips or for adding extra flavour to soups or pasta sauces, for example.

Why is olive oil so healthy?

100% pure nature

Olive oil is 100% pure nature – and nothing else. Compare that with all those synthetic factory substances, chemical butter aromas, preservatives and E numbers in other frying products.

Good for the brain, nervous system, immune system and heart

Olive oil also contains the most unsaturated fatty acids of all natural oils. Monounsaturated fatty acids are important for your brain, nervous system, immune system and heart. In Mediterranean countries, people have noticeably less heart disease. Furthermore, olive oil naturally contains vitamins A & E.

Use olive oil more often: good for your health

Finally, olive oil also contains omega-9, an essential fatty acid. Recent research has shown that olive oil also helps the absorption of omega-3, thus improving the balance of omega fatty acids in the body.

Higher cooking temperature: the chef’s choice

Chefs in restaurants like to cook with olive oil. It heats better than butter and (liquid) margarines. The product seals faster, which is not only healthier, it also retains the flavour better.

Carbonell is a registered trademark of Deoleo S.A. - Med Foods Inc.